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X-Men and X-Factor join forces to fight a maddened Madelyne

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

The X-Men leave New York and settle in an abandoned base of cyborgs known as the Reavers in the Outback of Australia. Among the allies that the team finds in this place is Gateway, an Australian Aboriginal mutant with the ability to open portals. New enemies like Lady Deathstrike and agents of the government of the island of Genosha, a nation island located in the Indian Ocean, whose economic base is the slavery of the mutants.

With the alleged death of the X-Men, three members who were inactive in the fight against the Adversary (Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler and Lockheed), decide to emigrate to England. There they find Rachel Summers, who had been captured by Mojo. In her fight against Mojo, Rachel and company join forces with Captain Britania and Meggan to form the new British super team called Excalibur.

Magik (Illyana Rasputin), is responsible for opening a portal from the Limbo that gives access to thousands of demons to New York. Cyclops's wife, Madelyne Pryor, is seduced by the demon N'Astirth, who awakens the latent powers of Madelyne. Madelyne turns out to be neither more nor less than a clone of Jean Gray created by Mr. Sinister with the intention of combining the perfect genes of Jean with the perfect genes of Cyclops.

Magik and the New Mutants fight and defeat N'Astirh, although Illyana loses its magical power and its rule over Limbo. Meanwhile, the X-Men and X-Factor join forces to fight a maddened Madelyne, who has taken hostage her own son, little Nathan. In the end Madelyne ends up committing suicide. Mr. Sinister seizes the child with the help of the Marauders Ant-man Costumes
. In a battle that partially destroys Mansion X, the X-Men and X-Factor defeat Mr. Sinister and save little Nathan. Cyclops and Jean Gray resume their relationship and decide to raise the child together.

After the defeat of Pryor, N'Astirth and Mr. Sinister, the X-Men return to Australia. She makes debut Jubilo, a young mutant daughter of Chinese immigrants of Beverly Hills Arrow Costumes
. Attracted by women X to Australia in one of her escapades to civilization, Jubilo is secretly hidden in the facilities of the X-Men in Australia protected by Gateway.

The X-Men discover the Australian desert a Sentinel processing plant run by a giant robot called Master Mold. In the battle to stop Master Mold, Rogue accidentally falls into the Dangerous Site. The threat of dying at the hands of the Reavers, Rogue's demise and Longshot's abandonment to continue his rebellion against Mojo, motivate the X-Men (save Wolverine) to cross the Danger Room together in search of new lives. The team is scattered throughout the world: Amnesiac Colossus in New York, Dazzler also amnesic in the house of the mutant singer Lila Cheney; Rogue, lost with Magneto in the Wild Land; Storm reverted to its infantile state and under the control of a robot named Nanny; Havok in Genosha, and Psylocke in Japan Cosplay Shop
. It appears the mutant of origin Cajun Gambito, who helps to Storm to escape of Nanny and to recover its memories; Wolverine is captured by the Reavers and put to the limit being crucified and mortally wounded. Jubilo plays a key role in saving Wolverine, taking care of him and helping him escape. Both depart to Madripoor, where they will find a transformed Psylocke: their mind is in the body of a Japanese killer ninja (Kwannon) but with their memories intact and their powers stronger than ever. In the absence of the X-Men, Forge and Banshee form an interim X-Men team on Muir Island. This team lives a traumatic experience when they are attacked by the telepath villain King Shadow via Legion, the lost son of Professor X. As a result of this battle, Legion kills Destiny, mutant seer and member of the Freedom Force.