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X-Factor and New Mutants meet in adverse circumstances

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

The X-Men, X-Factor and New Mutants meet in adverse circumstances: the groups are abducted by the villainous Cameron Hodge and taken hostage to Genosha, the island in the Indian Ocean that had as economic base the slavery of the mutants . In this battle Storm returns to adulthood, Warlock, of the New Mutants dies, and Wolfsbane is temporarily changed. Upon returning to New York, Gambito and Jubilo are accepted as formal members of the team. In addition, Professor X returns to the group after a long absence in space.

Meanwhile, little Nathan, son of Cyclops, is infected by Apocalypse with a rare virus. X-Factor defeats Apocalypse on the Moon, but little Nathan has no hope of salvation. Then appears Mother Askani, the leader of a cult of warriors coming from 2000 years in the future. Askani offers to save Nathan by taking him into the future. Cyclops accepts the deal Cosplay Shop
. He will stop seeing his son in exchange for saving his life. In parallel, the New Mutants change their name to the X-Force under the leadership of Cable, a mysterious mutant that has come from the future. The original Force-X team made it, as well as Cable, Copycat (supplanting Domino), Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Warpath, Shatterstar and Feral.

The Shadow King an old telepath as powerful as Xavier and mortal enemy of Professor X, seizes the island Muir Arthur Curry Costumes
. With Legion's body as his guest, Shadow King attacks the X-Men and X-Factor. After the match, the original X-Men renounce X-Factor and decide to return with the X-Men. X-Factor changes alignment. Now the team is led by Havok, and originally integrated by Polaris, Mercury, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane and the Multiple Man.

The X-Men are divided into two units: the Blue Team, led by Cyclops and composed of Wolverine, Rogue, Bestia, Gambito and Psylocke, and the Equipo Dorado, directed by Tormenta and composed of Jean Gray, Iceman, Colossus and Archangel. Xavier, Jubilo, Banshee and Forja remain as reservists.

In their official debut, both teams again face Magneto (who returns in his role as perennial team nemesis) and his new group of followers: The Acolytes. Supposedly Magneto dies in that fight. They make their appearance new villains like Red Omega, the Upstars and Mikhail Rasputin, the older brother of Colossus. The Upstars exterminate the Hellios and part of the Hellfire Club Avengers Costumes
. Emma Frost is incapacitated and under supervision of the X-Men. This stage also marks the debut of Bishop, a mutant native of a hundred years in the future, who accidentally arrives at the present and tries to prevent the X-Men from his death at the hands of a traitor. Bishop joins the Golden team.