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What Overwatch Character List ?

Published: Wednesday 09 November, 2016

There are 22 people in all in the hero appeared. It is possible to switch to another character at the resurrection (respawn) at the time of death. Character has high offensive power but low life "offense" type, "defense" type which is good at long range attack and base defense, "tank" type which is a shield to protect many people, help recovery and assistance of friends It is classified into four roles (roles) of "assist" type which are good at. And there are things called "skins" that change the appearance to each character, you can change to a unique appearance from buying with game funds or treasure box.

Genji / Genji Shimada (Genji Shimada, Mr. Gen Shimada)

Voice: Yoshihisa Kawahara

An adventurer and a ninja. The place of origin is Japan, but the activity base is Nepal.

It is one of the children of the head of the ninja group called Shimada, which is the youngest brother of Hanzo. The interest of the clan's dark work was poor, developed into a deadly relationship with Hanzo who succeeded to the deceased father's trace, and wandered around the border of life and death, revived as a cyborg by overwatch. Originally it was actively working to stop the criminal acts of the family, but disgusted by his own mechanized body then overwatch, and then encounter Zeniyatta at the end of the wandering to accept her body did it.

Throw a shuriken and attack with a sword. Although leaves can be hit back if it is a one-shot jump, you can not hit the beam of continuous damage. Ultimate Ability 's "Dragon Shotgun" attacks with a sword.

Soldier Seventy Six (Solider 76) / John "Jack" · Morrison (John "Jack" Morrison)

Voice: Ohkawa Toru

I am a visiting vigilante member who is unknown history. While being wanted to be internationally, I am devoting my utmost effort to investigate the truth of overwatch dismantlement.

Physical ability is higher than general soldiers, most of the weapons used, including full automatic pulse rifle, are state-of-the-art stealing from overwatch base.

The main weapon is an automatic assault rifle, close to the operation of a general FPS. It also has recovery ability. Ultimate Ability's "Tactical Visor" automatically aims the enemies within the range for a certain period of time.

Actually, in the past it has turned out that he was led by special forces as an original member of overwatch in relation to Ana.

Tracer (Tracer) / Lena Oxton (Lena Oxton)

Voice: Ei Mi Kato

An adventurer who works in former overwatch agent in England and London. A boyish woman who wore an orange goggle and took short-cut hair.

Test of the teleport fighter "Slipstream" The incident during the flight caused the molecule constituting her body to become out of sync with the flow of time, suddenly disappearing "time dissection" suffered. After that, because Winston invented a time acceleration device, not only were the symptoms improved, but also I was able to control my own time.

During battle, you attack with two pulses and pistols, but use techniques such as instantaneous movement and rewinding of position and status. The mobility is very high, but it is weak. Ultimate Ability is an adsorption bomb "Pulse Bomb".

Farah (Pharah) / Fareeha Amari (Fareeha Amari)

Voice: Park Yumi

A woman who wears a combat suit like a blue bird "Laputa · Mark VI". Security supervisor at AI laboratory at Helix Security International in Giza, Egypt.

I joined the Egyptian army to succeed the mother's mark and become an overwatch, but the dream did not come true as the overwatch broke up. After that, he received a helicopter offer from a private company, he took the defense mission of the AI ​​laboratory.

You can also use a rocket launcher with a long range as a weapon and attack from the air with the boost ability of the suit. Ultimate Ability is a "balage" that shoots small rockets.

McCree / Jesse McCree

Voice: Juro Kosugi

Bounty hunter who works based on Santa Fe. It is like a gunman of Western play and always has a cigar.

Originally it was a criminal and participated in the overwatch secret unit "Black Watch" because of the crime, but it has a history that disgust overturned the disintegration work by the insurgent molecule caused by the weakening of the organization.

In addition to using Revolver / Peacekeeper we also use flash grenades. Ultimate Ability is "Dead Eye".

Reaper (Reaper) / Gabriel Reyes (Gabriel Reyes)

Voice: Ryota Takeuchi 

Mercenaries of unknown career have wearing masks imitating the skull in black-out costumes reminiscent of the god of death.

There are few things to leave the bodies, the bodies that have been able to be gathered pales as if they were taken away, and the cells are severely deteriorated.

When fighting, shotguns are released in the manner of a two-handed pistol, but in reloading it is discarded as it throws out new items. As a special ability to shadow himself to slip through the enemy's attack, you can instantly move to the destination you specified. Absorb the enemy's defeated soul and restore your life. Ultimate Ability's "Death Blossom" spins guns around the enemies while rotating.