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Trinity Blood Synopsis

Published: Tuesday 27 September, 2016

  • Modern civilization was destroyed by an unprecedented catastrophe, but tenacious human beings still survived. But this together earth-shattering, the mankind to the dead end of the catastrophe also brought people an extra "gift" - that is, vampires! They become a new threat to mankind, claiming to be "longevity", has a very long life. Humans did not yield to their despotic power, but rather and vampires started a protracted battle. In Rome, there is a super-national religious organization known as the "Holy See", who dispatched executives to various places to guard the human race. In one of them named Abel Knightrod people, although it looks very unreliable, but in fact the real identity is the vampire blood sucking vampire. In and meet the girl named Estee, the human and vampire gambling on the survival of the war has undergone tremendous changes.

  • The chaos of the world, God and the devil on both sides of the mirror, they are very close to human beings, both have a bad day to other capabilities. Church of the new priest, seemingly a fan of expression, but has an unknown side. Because he is in the temple but the blood flow of the devil's dissimilar new species. On the one hand, his existence is crowded out, and on the other hand, the story of the people of the temple begins with the help of his power in order to confront all kinds of horror creatures all over the world.