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TOUKA GETTAN three artifacts

Published: Thursday 27 October, 2016

    • Three artifact refers to the stone sword, mask, the Dragon King, are Kunlun West Queen Mother of the Treasure. The story of thousands of years are basically in order to compete for the three artifacts and start Touka Gettan Costume.

    • Shi Jian: known as the strongest and most evil Soul Eater. Stone Sword will swallow the user's soul, and will make the user crazy. The stronger the user, the stronger the stone sword. When the user is the existence of immortal, Shi Jian's power is infinite, but also because of Shi Jian and crazy. Yong Yan is the first generation of stone sword hand, now the stone sword hand is the male lead Shoudong peach incense. The former generation of actor stone sword hand is the East peach fragrance.

    • Mask: able to give the magician a powerful force, and later broken. A person holding a shard or mask is called a "masked successor". The history of the most famous mask of the successor to Abe Seimei. Now keep the East Qingchun is one of the successor to the mask.

    • Dragon King: Ontology is a flute, which places a wizard. Able to suppress the power of stone sword. Has helped eliminate the Shou-Dong Tao Xiang Anime Costumes. At present the body has been destroyed, and the spirit of boarding in the body of dog Zhenqin.