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This character is Guile's dead friend

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Nash (Japan) / Charlie (USA): This character is Guile's dead friend. At the end of the game with Guile in Street Fighter II we see how he claims revenge for the death of his friend Nash. But this can only be read in the Japanese version because Capcom America decided to change that name to Charlie (more typical name of an American soldier). Capcom America could hardly imagine that Nash would "resurrect" the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series and would have to change Nash's name to Charlie's over and over again. From Street Fighter V Capcom adapted the full name of this character as Charlie Nash ("Charlie" as name and "Nash" as first name) in an attempt to unify the names of both versions Cosplay Shop
. Because of this, in Street Fighter V the character sometimes refer to him as Charlie or Nash in all versions. However, in Japan he is still called Nash and in the West continues to be called Charlie.

The history of Street Fighter takes place over several years. But the order of launching of the games was not on par with that timeline, since from one game to another, the characters appeared much younger or disappeared others. This was because each game is located at a different stage. In argumentative matters, the chronological order of the Games of Street Fighter is the following one:

References to Street Fighter have appeared in other video games in one form or another, either as playable characters or simply as parodies or in pictures:

Rival Schools (Arcade and PSOne): The character Sakura appears as one of the available fighters. Also, at the end of this character you can see Ryu momentarily Lucky Dog1 Costumes
. Also, in a certain scenario you can see the logos of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 (Arcade and Dreamcast): In one of the scenarios, the Capcom Vs. SNK logo appears on a giant screen, with images of Ryu and Kyō Kusanagi (the latter of The King of Fighters saga) .

Cannon Spike (Arcade and Dreamcast): In this isometric shooter, Charlie and Cammy appear as playable characters. Apart Vega also appeared as a chief.

X-Men: Children of the Atom (Arcade, PSOne and Sega Saturn): Akuma appears as a hidden playable character.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (Playstation 2): The characters protagonists of this game, can dress like personages of Street Fighter.

Crimson Tears (Playstation 2): The three protagonists of this game can be dressed in new costumes, some of them based on Street Fighter.

Final Fight 2: Chun-Li is observed eating at level 1 of this game, also appears Guile.

Final Fight: Streetwise (Playstation 2, X-Box): In this game Matantei Loki Ragnarok Costumes
, Cammy (from Super Street Fighter II) and Joe (from the first Street Fighter) appear as opponents in clandestine fights.