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The Third Generation of Pokemon

Published: Friday 21 October, 2016

  • The third generation works: ruby, sapphire, emerald, red, green leaves

  • In the Game Boy Advance game "wizard treasure Ruby ruby ​​sapphire" on sale in 2002, the wizard treasure dream series into the third generation Pokemon Costumes, then also on sale Game Boy Advance "wizard treasure dream red green" complex Engraved version of "Wizard Po can dream fire red leaf green" (red and green refers to Japan's first generation of the original game; outside Japan is the red and blue). "Wizard treasure dream ruby ​​sapphire," the enhanced heavy plate "Wizard Po can dream green gem" was also carried out on sale.

  • The third generation of the introduction of 135 kinds of new treasure dream (from the wooden palace played on behalf of Ou Qisi only), a total of 386 species. The visual environment of the game environment is more sophisticated than before, the introduction of the impact of treasure can dream of data "character", the new doubles against the mechanism, the impact of the characteristics of war, the new play wizard dream Po gorgeous contest and named Fengyuan new area. However, this generation has also received some criticism, such as the removal of the day and night system introduced by previous generations (due to the removal of built-in battery storage problems), which is the first to encourage gamers to collect only all known treasure species Of the game works (red sapphire version of the 386 kinds of treasure can only dream of 202 can be rein in).

  • Game Boy Advance game, Nintendo DS game "wizard treasure can dream incredible maze red rescue team · green rescue team" Game Boy Advance game, Nintendo DS game "wizard treasure can dream incredible maze red rescue team Anime Costumes· green rescue team" Game Boy Advance game "wizard treasure dream pinball table ruby ​​sapphire" ; Nintendo GameCube game "wizard treasure can dream channel" "wizard treasure dream can be finishing box ruby", "the wizard can treasure dream dream box" and " · Sapphire "; Nintendo GameCube role-playing game" Wizard Po can dream round Arena "," Wizard can dream of XD dark dark whirlwind ".