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The story begins with a young Desmond memory for an interview wi

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Assassin's Creed 2 Volume: Aquilus a French comic book that was written by Erik Korberan and drew Đialali Defoko. The story begins with a young Desmond memory for an interview with his father. He wakes up and talk to Lucy Final Fantasy Costumes
. Since he met Rebekah, saunas and other Asesino enter the truck and drive to Monteriđionija.

Meanwhile, Desmond re-experiencing memories of Akilusa using the animus after his apparent death in the first part. Roman assassin had saved his cousin, Aksipiter and he has the task to save Lungdunum. He meets with his father and discovers an object of the first civilization: ank temporarily can revive the dead. Then the senator Templar, Vultur, who killed Akilusovog father stole the mysterious object.

Modern story continues as a struggle and Assassins Abstergo agents when they're on the road fall into an ambush. It was later revealed to be a traitor in the truck Assassins, and Desmond confronts the situation. The group finally arrives at Monteriđioni at the end. It was indicated that the case ank may be hidden within the walls of the city.

Embers is a short animated film UbiWorkshop-a Cosplay Shop
. The film is a bonus in a signed and collector's version of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. UbiWorkShop has released a promotional video on the 21st of July 2011, which was presented at Comic-Con in 2011. The Embers promotional video shows an older ECIA and his family. He's afraid that someone is trying to be domogne.Programeri described Embers at the 2011 Comic Con, on the Assassins Creed stand as the last Eciove epilogue of the story, and if it can be viewed at any time, you should watch it after finishing the stories Assassin's creed: Revelations-and in order to fully understand and complete the story ECIA Auditore da Firenze.

Short film shows older ECIA how to live a quiet life in the countryside in Tuscany with his wife Sophia and children Flavia and Marcello and how dogs memoirs. One day a stranger appears, the Chinese women's Asasin named Shao June, which came with the ECIA with the aim to gain knowledge about his life as the Assassin. Although Ecio prefers to Joon does not remain, because of his desire to leave his Asasinske days in poršlosti, Sofia allows her to spend the night. The next day, Ezio notes Joon reading his memoirs and is willing to go, but relented after he was asked what it means to be Asasin. While he was on the road to Florence, Ecio recounts a story that his father and brothers were executed in the town square, forcing him to become Asasin, and how such a life defined by pain and brings causes. When they left, they were attacked by the stranger, who turned out to be of Asian origin also Final Fantasy Type-0 Costumes
. After he was killed, June has revealed that she is a former concubinage, and is now running away from the servant of the Chinese Emperor Ende, and explains how the former master rescued from his uticaja.nakon he returned home, Ezio said Sofia and his children to go , knowing that others will come. Then teach Joon key to freeing its people from the influence of the emperor. Later that night, Eciovu villa attacked more Sao Džuninih enemies, and after the battle, he put them all successfully eliminated. The next morning, Ezio gives Shao Joon little box and tells her that he might take advantage of a day, but only if they "lose their way". Then he sent out when the two riders appeared at the villa. Sometime after, Ezio travels to Florence with his wife Sophia and their daughter Flavia, despite heart problems from which he suffers. While he rested on the bench and chatted with a young man with a scar on his face, similar to the type of man that he was, sighs and dies in the eyes of his family. The film ends with the reading of the last Eciovo Sofia letter, saying that of all the things that he held through life, love of the world around him was the strongest.