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ROZEN MAIDEN new series of plot

Published: Thursday 20 October, 2016

  • In the face of the letter from the artificer Horie, parallel to the world of Sakurada pure chose "no winding."

  • Although there is no spring on the pure Sakurada participated in the college entrance examination Rozen Maiden Costumes, began to read the University, but also launched a temporary work activities, but still live a squat-like life at home. One day in the shop to receive a return to the professor of how to make dolls mystery magazine, pure by a very big shock.

  • After returning home and found the magazine sent the second phase and with the doll parts, and that as long as they can cobble together these magazines with parts can be assembled to get the first five people really red. Purely accepted the invitation to start assembling parts in a few period after the mysterious magazine has received a notice of suspension Cosplay Costumes, and thus that because of the first seven figures Xuehua crystal interference, parts can not be sent to the purely their own The same time also received a message from the past sent their own, claiming that because of the snow Hua Yi crystal is too strong and can not match with the need to help the future of pure power.

  • From the contents of the message point of view, really red has been completely caught in the snow Hua Qi crystal planted by the huge trap, need to let the world of her pure re-assembly and winding. And Sakura pure world, he and the canary in the same 7 people against the delay time, the phrase "between moo na ku" that the situation is imminent