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Overwatch characters are divided into four groups

Published: Wednesday 09 November, 2016

Overwatch characters are divided into four groups (within which there are subtypes, sniper, assassin, shooter ...): Offensive, Defensive, Tank and Support. Each hero has unique abilities depending on his role. The first appearance of an Overwatch character released in a video game was in Heroes of the Storm.

Offensive: Characters in this category enjoy great mobility and are characteristic of causing large amounts of damage over a short period of time. Having a lot of damage, offensive heroes lack defense points.

Defensive: Characters in this category protect and dominate strategic points on the map. These characters are really useful in combination with characters from other roles because they have a clear advantage in possessing opponent control skills.

Tank: The tanks are the characters that more defenses and life have. Its main function is to protect the allies from the massive damage of the enemies, intercepting the damage ..

Support: Support characters, also known as "Support" are essential in the game. These characters apply healing effects, shields, invulnerability or any other type of advantage to the allied characters. They also weaken enemy characters with their abilities, so allies could easily take control of enemies.

Players can change character during play after dying, something that is encouraged by the overall design of the game