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Naruto Mythology

Published: Thursday 06 April, 2017

  Amy Plumb, a writer from Macquarie University, notes in her essay "Japanese Religion, Mythology, and the Supernatural in Anime and Manga" that the Naruto Costumes creator, Masashi Kishimoto, used Japanese mythology as a central component for the story's development. She comments that there are a large number of references to Japanese mythology throughout the whole series. She states that he uses allusions to Japanese culture, instead of explicitly explaining what is going on in a plot. She comments that the audience uses Kishimoto's hidden meanings relating to Japanese culture and mythology to decode the storyline and character development. She Naruto Costumes notes that the mythology of the kitsune tsuki is being used in the story for Naruto's character and Kishimoto is using those tales to add a layer of personality to it.