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Naruto Gender roles

Published: Thursday 06 April, 2017

  Fujimoto comments that the characters has impressive anachronistic roles regarding gender, further stating, "[...] its representations suggest that men are men and women are women, and that they differ naturally in regard to aptitude and vocation". She comments that the type of conservatism that is used for the bildungsroman theme applies to female characters as well, stating that they are purposely made to be weak in the story. One of her examples is the girls get higher grades than the boys in the Ninja Academy. When they all become actual ninja, and the boys on the teams they are assigned to take Naruto Costumes their shinobi carrier seriously, the girls are unable to keep up with them. Because of the character development of female characters plays out, she states "[...] female characters lack appeal, expressed, for example, by readers on the Internet". She comments that when they are written to improve their status in the story, their development is mostly focused on romance and other concerns that are based on their gender. She comments that the series has an outmoded gender role themes, since most of the women in battles are there for healing purposes instead of defense or offense. While she does state that the healing purpose is important to aid those who are hurt, she comments "[...] one cannot avoid noticing the correspondence of this motif with the assumption that the presence of women is not required on the battlefield, and if so, only as nurses". She comments that while the series' narrative show that men Naruto Costumes and women demonstrate their skills in various ways, she criticizes how female characters are developed in a politically incorrect way. Fujimoto uses Tsunade as an example, stating that she does not take her importance of being an Hokage seriously, because she is easily offended and reacts negatively to remarks that she does not agree with, criticism, and insults.