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Naruto Confucianism

Published: Thursday 06 April, 2017

 Christopher A. Born, from University of MissouriSt. Louis, states in his essay "In the Footsteps of the Master: Confucian Values in Anime and Manga" that the Naruto storyline contains Naruto Costumes Confucian values which can be identified and embraced by preteen and adolescent boys. He comments that when students gather information from the series, and discuss the storyline from a Confucian point of view learned in their classes, they are able to easily understand the examples of foundation values in manga and anime series like Naruto. He compliments the development of Naruto's setting calling it a fun fictional pastiche. He notes that the hidden leaf villages represent, for the Japanese, places that are safe Naruto Costumes and protected against major threats. He feels that the series as a whole is a story of hard work, friendship, and winning at all costs.