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MY-OTOME background contact

Published: Friday 07 October, 2016

  • The Sias consortium, in the dance HIME their plan failed, but they have a considerable degree of strength - robot deep superior and artificial HIME A Lisa - Xiasi is the best proof. Dance HIME HIME story takes place after the dance, to pay attention to dance HIME story is on the earth, and dance B HIME is not the Earth, and humans have lived on another planet. Dance in the HIME nano technology in fact is the success of the Syrians consortium to obtain the power of the planet after coupled with the development of human science and technology, the most important thing is the ability to materialize higher, the difference is that B-HIME only Element, Needs can not summon a beast. For the B-HIME to die, its contractor will also die this can refer to a generation of HIME's beast defeated its most important person will die set. In addition, dance B HIME excellent birds in the shoulder is A Lisa - Xiasi body cells (A Lisa after death, deep excellent extraction of the body of A Lisa cells, in order to continue to use gold Sword 'exibao). Lena - Saiyasi (Aili Ka's mother) is the descendant of A Lisa.

  • O-Sir in the M9 body, is the Sias Foundation in the development of deep excellent, with deep excellent as a sample to strengthen and mass production of the robot, so deep superior will say that it is one of her sister. On this point early in the game version of dance HIME there is mentioned, deep superior to prevent the Sias consortium produced sister body and fight.