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It all begins when the Acolytes, fanatical followers of Magneto

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

It all starts with an assassination attempt on Professor X by Cable. This unleashes a fierce chase and a fight between the X-Men and X-Factor against X-Force. At the same time, Cyclops and Jean Gray are kidnapped by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. However, the true attacker of Xavier is Stryfe, a clone of Cable. Stryfe is also responsible for the kidnapping of Cyclops and Jean Gray. Xavier is infected by a techno-virus, of which he is saved thanks to the intervention of Apocalypse, who forges alliance with the X-Teams with the intention of beating a common enemy: Stryfe. The battle against Stryfe takes the X-Teams to the Moon, where it is revealed that Cable or Stryfe is actually Nathan, the son of Cyclops sent to the future, although at that moment the question is opened who is the true one Cosplay Shop
. In the end, Stryfe is defeated, but the victory is relative, because before falling, the villain releases the Legacy Virus, a germ of alien origin that begins to kill mutants.

When the situation returns to normal, some events occur. Colossus' parents are murdered in Russia, and their sister Illyana is taken to the X-mansion. The mutant Revanche also appears, claiming to be the true Psylocke (while revealing the truth, Revanche joins the group) Batman Costumes
. The existence of the Virus-Legacy is discovered, and one of its first victims is the young Illyana. The romance between Gambito and Rogue is also consolidated. In addition, the X-Men discover that Magneto is alive.

It all begins when the Acolytes, fanatical followers of Magneto, carry out a massacre in an orphanage. X-Factor fights the Acolytes and there they learn of the existence of the government project "Wide Awake", which authorizes a government registration of mutants, and which has been authorized by Dr. Valerie Cooper, representative of X-Factor before the government, and that is manipulated by an implant of Magneto. Eventually Magneto takes over Graymalkin, Cable's space base, converting it into Avalon, a haven for mutants. Magneto and his emissary, Exodus, appear before the X-Force by offering them travel to Avalon. Cable confronts Magneto in claiming the theft of his base, and Magneto attacks him leaving him to the brink of death. At the funeral of Illyana Rasputin, Magneto appears before the X-Groups offering them refuge in Avalon. Colossus joins Magneto resentful of his sister's death and disappointed in Xavier's dream. In a fiery start Magneto unleashes an electromagnetic pulsation all over the Earth, which causes Professor X to launch an attack against Avalon. During the battle Magneto attacks Wolverine, stripping him of all the Adamantium that covers his bones. Professor X realizing these acts decides that the only way to stop Magneto is to turn off his mind (unconsciously giving birth to Onslaught) Battle Royale Costumes
. Returning to Earth, Wolverine manages to save himself from death and finds that he still holds his claws, but these are now only bone. The team Excalibur tries to convince Coloso to return with the X-Men, but this ends up joining the Acolytes. As a result of this saga, Wolverine temporarily leaves the X-Men.

Returning to Earth, the rebel acolyte Fabian Cortez kidnaps the little Luna Maximoff, the daughter of Mercury and the Crystal Avenger, that is, the granddaughter of Magneto. Cortez provokes a riot among the mutant population of Genosha. Cortez is defeated by Exodus, who takes his place as a troublemaker, being defeated by the union of the X-Men and the Avengers.