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.hack The World was born

Published: Monday 24 October, 2016

  • The 20th century to 2004: The Internet is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, creating "information democratization." Affected by this negative impact, new and high-tech crimes on the Internet have increased. At this time, the outbreak of a known as the "Deadly Flash" computer virus Hack//Sign Costumes, so that seven people were killed in the tragedy. Japanese men who produced computer viruses became the first person in the history to be sentenced to death for Internet crimes. In the computer virus outbreak that day - December 24, 2005, known as the "Pluto Kiss (Pluto Kiss)", the computer virus so that the various functions of the community paralyzed, the world's network to an instant stop. Only computers using the ALTIMIT operating system are not affected by the virus. ALTIMIT instantly became the new world standard operating system and universal. Civilians have been banned from the Internet since that date.

  • Summer of 2006:

  • ALTIMIT also began to personalize. At the same time Anime Costumes, the production of ALTIMIT employees leave the manufacturer, self-reliance of a new company called Cyber ​​Connect (CC company). A German team, Harold Sauerk, then formed a team, "Fragment," into CC and created the prototype of the online game The World.

  • May 2007:

  • The fragment starts testing the game. After the "Pluto Kiss" outbreak, the entertainment network was limited in its use, and they applied to WNC (World Network Association) and get the license approval. Fragment openly recruited 1,024 testers, had expected to operate for 6 months, but only 3 months to end.

  • December 2007:

  • Two years after the birth of Pluto Kiss, it was named "Mother's Marry Kiss". The world's network began lifting the ban. At the same time CC company published the "fragment" of the online game - The World, the world at the same time to download sales.

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