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Published: Wednesday 26 October, 2016

    • Sillian: also known as Sailian, is the story of the main line, fictional city, with the "Blue Forest" title (because the plants are blue lotus) Girls Bravo Costumes, Sailian is the largest male proportion is also Less than one-tenth of the proportion of women, because men are very scarce, so the women as long as the Sailian to see a man will snatch; Seleans living habits and the Earth almost the only difference is that there are a lotus But also the time and space shuttle is not unlimited (but also with a certain degree of risk), Se Lin in order to control the time and space shuttle set up a space-time Authority.

    • Spatio-Temporal Authority: A division dedicated to the management of the space-time tunnel between the Earth and the West Lotus.

    • Different abilities: when the ability of the body when the awakening of the ability to get super powers; different ability is characterized by water shuttle to other places (mainly the Earth), as well as cause an explosion Anime Costumes, different ability varies Girls live longer in the second episode of the last episode of Mind Control).