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FATE STAY NIGHT souls birth

Published: Tuesday 18 October, 2016

  • Although the description of the "martyrs" of faith gathered in the death of the hero in existence, but even if it does really exist, and in which the heroes of myths, legends will be collected by the faith born.

  • In addition, during his lifetime and the "world" the conclusion of certain contracts, such as a price, and after death the souls of people become.

  • In the fifth Holy Grail War, Hassan Al-Sabah is the real existence of souls, Hercules, Medusa is a legendary hero. Miya souls (Emiya) and Al Anatolian · Pendragon is the conclusion of contracts with the world and become (in the future become) the existence of souls.

  • Bound to become "martyrs" of the presence of free time, move its headquarters outside the world of souls.