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Published: Thursday 27 October, 2016

    • Dating back over 500 years of Bell Martha Duchy of history, its territory from the mainland in the southwest Gulf of law starts at the northern border and imaginary ancestors. Located in the capital of the Duchy of Hutton Martha Dungeon Fighter Accessories. The Queen is Skadi, but in fact, the regime of the Duchy in the hands of three members.

    • Martha Bell Elf language means: the good people of the country. Here the land is fertile, people live and work, live at ease, the overview is indeed a rich country. In addition, Bell Martha in painting, music, poetry, literature, publishing, etc., also have a more balanced development.

    • There are 300 years old, and since then Peros Empire, military, although the North Bantu invasion but the principality with geographical advantage, based on the virtual homeland and help resist the empire, it was, not do not pay attention to cultivate strong army, also eliminates the threat from the sea, so dukedom most ignored national security.

    • Because of this, in the later war, aggression Cosplay Accessories, defeat the Duchy, is now occupied by de los empire.