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DARKER THAN BLACK role description

Published: Sunday 25 September, 2016

Black (ヘ イ)

Voiced by: Kiuchi Hidenobu, Irino Miyu (juvenile)

This made the hero, in his early 20s youth. (Before the contract's ability to obtain, resulting in heaven war title) is known as "the black death," martial arts skills were free to manipulate the current contract who Messier number BK201. Membership "organization" based in Tokyo, a team agent, code-named "black." When the battle is usually a black windbreaker image masked the emergence of common weapons Spansion wire and two double-edged sword. Weekdays disguised as honest and kind-hearted Chinese student Li Shunsheng madding crowd, living in the sea on the village apartments. Born eaters, good Chinese food. Hobby is stargazing. Cool temperament, but my sister and silver is very gentle. The sole purpose of the organization is looking to stay in the South American event before missing sister, nothing else living faith. With the increase in contact with all kinds of people and things, personality gradually moderate, more and another three-person team produced a companion consciousness. Its real capacity to contract who is inherited from her sister, but not their own self into the contract, is also required to pay the cost (or that, the price is never lost sister). In addition to electric shock, but also the material transformation of the quantum level to launch high-end capabilities, and by the increase in meteor fragments caused WAN can not invade the space from "door." The ability for possession of a "Tokyo Big Bang" key figure. In the "Tokyo Big Bang" last minute chose to contract and human coexistence "third way", and then silver together renegade organization.

Silver (test nn)

Voiced by: Misato Fukuen

Original Mingqierxi (Finnish name "Kirsi"), code-named "Silver" in the dark as a small team of intelligence gathering. Usually disguised as a village near the sea on a cigarette shop salesgirl. Memory and hearing are excellent, there is absolute pitch, although the general visual impairment can also be a separate action. Childhood is a rich and lively girl feelings, apprenticeship under the guidance of well-known pianist. Less than 7 years old suffered a series of plane crashes father and mother died in a car accident hit. Doll and enter into a process of organization is unknown. After becoming Doll, emotional expression become extremely thin, like a doll, but the heart is still surging with emotion, he recalled the death of the mother would feel guilt and sadness. He has been quietly concerned about and support the black, and getting back in the latter influence the "heart." We learned from the past and future of black amber place. In the end of the story to the black convey heartfelt call to observe the spirit also began to shape the evolution of the human form. Like black. Experience an event and assistant detective Noriko became friends, he had received the latter lent to the "rose of Maurice" Drama CD slash and other objects. Usually wear black and purple Gothic Lolita clothing is worn on his father funeral mourning. Who set inspired by the "puppet" of the concept.