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D. GRAY-MAN Story Introduction

Published: Sunday 09 October, 2016

  • It tells the story of the Exorcist and AKUMA that began in Europe in the 19th century. The so-called demons, both by the "Millennium Earl" guy to "mechanical" "soul" "tragedy" as the material, the world led to the end of the tragic vicious weapons. The only force that can destroy the devil comes from the organization known as the "Black Order." In this organization, there is the crystallization of the gods "holy" (Innocence) selected "exorcist". The hero "Allen Walker" (Allen Walker) is one of the members of his boarding with the holy left hand as a weapon, together with his companions destroyed the devil, rushed to fight the Millennium Earl, the pursuit of a better yearning for the hard work go ahead. Ya Lian was Noah's 14th (Rea) invaded, in recent fighting in 14 signs of recovery, by the Central Hall of strict control, and even a lot of people want to erase Ya Lian. Kanda and childhood friend (Alma) fight, but finally understand their own minds, after a period of life and death is uncertain, come back with Johnny to find the company, risking the risk of falling back to take over as marshal. Rabbi and book Weng was Noah hijacked, Rabbi was Noah "eclipse" attached parasite. In the face of great turmoil in the Order, even the Noah factor of awakening is also imminent. The latest episode of the cartoon on the inner heart of the even made a further description. Yalian also out of the "Black Order", alone on the road to find their own real.