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ARIA character image

Published: Monday 17 October, 2016

  • Sherlock Holmes, descendant of the famous British detective Sherlock Holmes, Holmes IV. No inheritance to the ancestors of the ability to reason Aria Costumes, she was regarded as waste, but the character of unyielding and self-esteem strong Aria by virtue of their natural sense of fighting and efforts to break the British martial arts circles fame. Will say seventeen languages. Dwarf and pupils similar.

  • Claiming Virgo. For example, the poor birthday of the Princess in September 23, but the official display of information for the Virgo, the temporary girlfriend in the Kokura love birthday for September 23, but the official information shows the Japanese Virgo, can control the temporary girlfriend The same as the Virgo student president of the days of the constellation of Japanese writing and so on. The second volume of the original novel is the first volume to write Aria constellation Cospaly Costumes, after the seventh volume to write Aria's birthday, you can clearly know that in accordance with the author's idea is to Aria set to Virgo