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About LoveLive!

Published: Monday 26 September, 2016

  • "LoveLive! School idol project" (Japanese: ラ ブ ラ イ ブ ブ ル ー ル ア ド ル ド ル ル ル ー ル) is the beginning of 2010 by the Kadokawa Shoten's comprehensive entertainment magazine "shock G's magazine", the Japanese animation company SUNRISE, record company Lantis co- Girls' Campus Idol's cross-media project tells the story of nine teenage girls joining the school in order to increase their reputation as a volunteer, to save the school that is facing the crisis of the school of neglect, and to become the icon of the school. story. (Including idol character traits, combination of name, representative style, team members, etc. are selected by the readers vote), the story of the protagonist's life and stories in the "shock G's magazine" published series, , The "idol itself rather than specific works as a selling point." CD and Sunrise are responsible for making DVD / BDs for music PVs, and for full-media development in radio, drama, books, music, animation, comic books, games, peripheral products and so on. The slogan is the story of the dream together (み ん な で で え る).